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Live in care

Live-in Home Care

Live-in care enables many people to remain living in the comfort of their own home rather than a care home and usually at a lower cost. We specialise in providing live-in home care for the elderly and those with conditions that need specialist care.

We can provide live-in carers and companion housekeepers to provide constant support. Your carers would live with you and be there night and day, whenever you need help, providing peace of mind, safety, and that all important company and companionship.

Our carers are carefully selected and trained, with experience in a wide range of conditions such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, MS, Parkinson’s and looking after those who have been in hospital after a fall or stroke.

Live-in carers are usually employed by families who worry for the safety of their loved ones and believe that they need someone with them at all times. This is the point where many of the elderly move into a care home. It is possible to keep most people out of a care home and remaining at home – and usually at a lower cost.

Our rota-based home care services

Our ‘Rosy Rota’ home care service has operated very successfully for many years. We think it is special and unique. We will provide you with a carefully chosen rota of experienced carers who understand your specific needs and will work with you and the family to provide the exact support that you need.

Why choose live-in home care?

Live-in care is a preferred option to a care home, and isn’t the most expensive option as most believe. It’s important for many to stay at home – to be in familiar surroundings and able to enjoy their own garden, their possessions, their own routine and keep any pets.

Live-in care is tailored to the individual which means that you can keep your own schedule, have guests at any time, stay in your community and choose your own meals. Our carers can take you to appointments, shopping or to your favourite local spots.

We take great care in placing the right carers with our clients so that your loved ones receive the exact care, understanding, and support that they need.

Making the change

We understand that deciding on the right care for your loved ones is difficult for many reasons, and we are here to help. We have been working with families for over fifty years and have kept many people cared for and safe at home when life has become more challenging due to illness, injury, or just the effects of old age.

We know that discussing care with your loved ones is a sensitive issue: we will discuss your options, provide advice, and meet with you and your loved ones to get to know you and your needs – both physically and emotionally. As your needs change, we can adapt.

Our role as a live-in care agency

Your safety and peace of mind are paramount

All our carers and companion housekeepers are thoroughly checked in line with the CQC regulations and Homecare Association guidance and have current DBS certification.

They have the experience, knowledge and qualifications to look after vulnerable adults, maintaining the dignity and respect of the client.

Depending on the carer’s abilities and qualifications, they can provide various levels of personal care, administer medication and assist with moving and handling. They will assist with housekeeping, prepare and maintain a well balanced diet and provide companionship and support to meet all of your requirements.

Our main role as a live in care agency is to provide you with consistent and reliable support provided by a family of carers that love to make a difference to someone’s life.

When recruiting we perform a thorough procedure of checks and the carers must provide:

  • Full details of their work experience or CV
  • Copies of all their qualifications
  • At least two references from recent employers
  • Two forms of identification
  • A current enhanced DBS Disclosure (Police Check)

All references are meticulously checked and verified by us over the telephone with previous employers. This allows us to ask further questions and gain more in-depth knowledge of the carer. The carer is then interviewed by us to ensure they are suitable for our clients.

Client story: Alzheimer’s

We have been looking after this single lady since 2006. She has serious Alzheimer’s and mobility problems. She has her own private Housekeeper and our carer works in conjunction with her to ensure that she has around the clock care. Her niece and nephew are amazed that she is still alive and having a reasonable quality of life. They believe that this is down to the fact that she has had such good care from the same team of carers for so many years.

Client story: MS

This gentleman has been looked after by the agency since 2010. He has severe Muscular Sclerosis and is bed and wheelchair bound. Apart from his complicated care needs, he needs someone to be his companion, PA and life coach. Someone bubbly and motivated, he needs help with stimulation of the mind and getting a quality of life. His carers need to be persistent but gently persuasive especially when it comes to exercising, eating and getting out and about. He needs someone to be his memory but also encourage him to use his own. He needs someone who can identify what he is and isn’t capable of doing, in order to help him regain some independence. The family would like to keep track of his achievements no matter how small.

For more information or advice on home care, please call us on 01829 260280

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