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Welcome to the Bunbury Care Agency

As a specialist home care agency since 1968, we are always looking for experienced and high-quality daily and live-in carers for our clients who are predominently elderly. We take great pride in looking after all the staff who register with us, and we look forward to helping you find the right vacancies that match your expertise and earning expectations. 

Bunbury Care Agency is a three-generation family-run business. Family is at the core of everything we do and that extends to the families we look after and our carers alike.

Working for Bunbury Care Agency

We can offer you a variety of clients, either daily or live-in, for you to look after on a regular rota basis.

Our current rates of pay are:

Daily care: £16/hour weekdays; £18/hour weekends
Live-in care: £780 to £980 per week
Waking night care: £120-£160 per 12 hours
Weekend care: £120 per 24 hours

You will also be able to charge 45p per mile travel allowance.

Please note, this is exactly what you receive in payment: we do not take a commission.

Our carers work on a self-employed basis which gives you all the benefits of being a private carer but with the support of the agency which takes care of finding you clients, setting your rota, invoicing, and whatever support you need. More details about the benefits of being a self-employed carer here.

We value and look after our carers


You have the choice of when and where you work, enabling you to build your hours around your family, commitments and general lifestyle. We manage your rota on your behalf and around your availability. All we ask is that you give us plenty of notice if you are unable to work so we can find a suitable replacement carer.


As we are a family business it is important we work as a team. We like to look after our carers as much as we do our clients. We consider you as part of this family and are always available to talk to you to should you have a problem or some concerns.


Our carers have always been the backbone of our business and provide an invaluable service to us and our clients for which we have a unique reputation in the market place. You will find that your wages reflect the quality of your service.

Live-in care rotas

  • 1 – 21 days depending on your availability
  • planned 4 – 6 weeks advance
  • you can work alternate weeks or 2 – 3 weeks per month
  • full-time care: £780 – £980 per week
  • overnight care:  £120 – £160 per 12 hours
  • bank holidays: double pay
  • travel allowance: 45p per mile

Daily care rotas

  • minimum of 1 hour, with an allowance for 15 minutes between bookings for travel
  • planned 1 month in advance
  • minimum of 20 hours per week
  • weekday care: £16 per hour
  • weekend care: £18 per hour
  • bank holidays: double pay
  • travel allowance: 45p per mile

Having a healthy work/life balance is essential in this industry and we always try to work around your availability and wishes.

Current job vacancies

We currently have a high demand for our services and need good, experienced carers that can provide daily, live-in, overnight and weekend care.

We are looking for daily carers in and around the Cheshire area, Wirral and Merseyside. We need live-in carers in the entire North West region.

Vacancies Register

What our carers say

“It took me a while to have the confidence to give up my permanent job with the local authority, but I am glad I did. I now work fewer hours to suit my lifestyle and still earn a good living. The main benefit however is being able to do my job in a less stressful way knowing that I really am making a difference to someone else’s life. I would highly recommend anyone who passionately believes that elderly people should remain living in their own homes, to register with Bunbury. They treat their carers as they treat their clients with kindness, understanding and compassion.”

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