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Expert Witness

Attain the maximum for your client so that you can deliver the best to your client

My Expertise
Sarah Green - Director
Sarah Green – Director

The Bunbury Agency has been providing Domiciliary Quantum and Staff Placement Reports to Solicitors on Personal Injury cases for the past twenty-five years.

For over 45 years we have specialised in providing daily and residential Domiciliary Care nationwide. We place every level of domestic staff from Nannies, Mother’s Helps, Maternity Nurses and Au Pairs to Cooks, Housekeepers, Gardeners and in particular, Carers and Companions for the elderly or infirm.

For many years, it has been an integral part of our service to find appropriate staff for clients who have either suffered the loss of a parent/spouse or have physical/mental injuries.

As experienced consultants in the care industry, our knowledge and experience give us the unique advantage of assessing in depth the client’s domestic capabilities and requirements.

My Qualification

I have advised on a wide range of personal injury and medical negligence cases involving paraplegia, cerebral palsy, schizophrenia, asbestosis and the demise of a parent as well as less serious cases, which only require daily domestics or housekeepers.

I am registered with the Society of Expert Witnesses, APIL and the UK Directory of Expert Witnesses. In 2011, I completed a Bond Solon Expert Witness course and which gave me a Certificate from Cardiff University. All reports therefore are written in accordance with the Civil Procedure Rules Part 35 and Practice Direction 35.

My Background

Leila Potter our founder established the agency in 1968 and until recently was the agency’s Expert Witness in report writing on Domiciliary Care requirements and costs in personal injury claims. Sarah Green, her daughter has assisted her over the last five years in her report writing. She has now qualified through Bond Solon to become a Cardiff University accredited Expert Witness in our specialist field of Domiciliary Quantum and Staff Placement.

“I started my working life as a Stage Manager, working in Theatre and Opera around the country as well as touring abroad. I then set up my own Interior Design business, which I ran from home whilst my children were small.

A few years later I established a new family business, renovating and letting holiday properties in France. In 2000, we expanded our portfolio into Spain and became part of an International Property Company. As UK Managing Director, I was responsible for the setting up and running of their new office and showroom in Cardiff Bay. After my third child was born I decided to take a career break and returned to Cheshire to be nearer my family. I soon became involved with the Bunbury Agency, initially assisting my mother with her Expert Witness reports.

Now as a Director and Owner of the Bunbury Agency I am the driving force for the next generation! I have plenty of experience in business management, having run my own businesses for over twenty years. I am committed to ensuring the highest standards of service to our clients. I have gained considerable knowledge and understanding of clients’ needs and requirements.

The Agency was registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) until 2012 when the law was changed regarding Domiciliary Introductory Agencies.  We are now members of UKHCA (United Kingdom Home Care Association) and affiliate members of SOLLA (Society for later life Advisors). SOLLA members are the only accredited FA’s that can give advice on Care Fees Funding. As a result of the Dilnutt report, by the end of 2013, only FA’s with Care Fee Solutions accreditations will be able to advise on this subject.

Together with my experienced and dedicated team, our knowledge of the Domiciliary Care Industry is now considerable, enabling us to assess and calculate a client’s domestic requirements with precision and without bias”.

In My Opinion

There is a growing indication that the cost of replacing the services of a family member, who has suffered personal injury or indeed death, is not always specifically calculated in a personal injuries claim.

Often, the cost of replacing the loss of a spouse’s service to their family is underestimated. Most quantum are based on the standard Ogden tables. However, some Domiciliary Care is not a standard category of work. In my experience, I have often found that the true cost is considerably higher.


If someone has been permanently disabled due to an accident or medical negligence they may need their own full or part time personal Carer. It also needs to be considered whether their dependants will need some sort of domestic assistance in order for their relative to remain in their own home.

‘A mother was killed in a road traffic accident.  She was the principal carer of their children as well as being responsible for all domestic duties in the house’.

The cost of employing a substitute parent could be as much as £25,000 per annum, let alone the cost of providing housekeeping services.

‘An elderly gentleman relied upon his wife for all domestic duties and transportation. Due to her accident she was no longer able to cook, clean or drive for him’.

The cost of employing a full time live in Carer in the home could up to £30,000 per annum.

‘A three year old girl tragically lost both her parents in separate car accidents. She would have had to be taken into care had her mother’s sister not adopted her.  Her Aunt, who already had two   children, got little financial support from the local authorities or any additional Tax Credits’.

After assessing the Loss of the Mother’s Services, Quantum was calculated to be just over £200,000’.

‘A young mother died in childbirth and her husband claimed clinical negligence. He needed a Maternity Nurse followed by an experienced Nanny and Housekeeper’.

Quantum was calculated at £640,000’.

‘An elderly gentleman was receiving Care assistance from a local agency three times a day. Unfortunately an accident occurred and his flat caught fire. Although he was rescued, he never recovered from the shock and the effects of smoke inhalation. Sadly he died six months later. His son alleged that a Carer had left an electric fire unprotected and failed to return that night. My report showed that the Agency had not abided by all the regulations and outcomes set down in the Health and Safety Act 2008 which is regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and that they were therefore negligent’.

Awaiting a judgement

For more information contact Sarah Green at the Bunbury Care Agency on 01829 260280 or email:

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