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Yippee, we are meeting again?

After nearly fourteen months of lockdown and terrible isolation, the vulnerable have had to cope with, our doors are opening so we can see our loved ones and socialise again, at last.

The pandemic has dramatically increased loneliness and anxiety, particularly in the elderly, who apart from being scared about contracting the virus themselves, also worry about the safety of their own family. This has had a profound and debilitating impact on their day-to-day lives. One in three believe that their lives will never be the same again, and they have a point.

Many face a double-edged sword, where they are afraid of leaving the house but at the same time cannot cope with the loneliness and isolation at home. 1 in 20 people aged over 70 have not left their home at all and 45% of the over 70s feel extremely uncomfortable leaving their house.

Spending time with family and friends and trying to keep busy is so important and has been especially difficult if not impossible for those who live alone and have had no distractions to help them get through.

Time to be brave and not afraid!

The Bunbury Agency can help restore your confidence. We believe the first step is to have some companionship.  Consider having a kind person popping in for a cup of tea or even taking you out for a drive.  Having someone with you when you go out will help restore your confidence rather than having to face the world by yourself. They could do some housework or cooking and help you with the shopping. Maybe you could invite a friend round and they could prepare a nice meal.

Whatever your needs we are very concerned about you and want to do our utmost to help you get back to some sort of normality. Our ladies are very good at putting a smile on your face, so if you know anyone who would benefit from our services, please contact us.

Carers needed

As we take the next step into a more normal life, if you feel you could play a part in helping restore confidence by reducing the loneliness and anxiety the elderly and vulnerable are feeling, then we need your help now.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on 01829 260280 for more information.

Please take care and stay safe.

Who Cares?  We do … it’s our business to care.

Please help more people remain living in their own homes!

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