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Who would want to be a carer?

Some of you may have watched the excellent drama called ‘Help’ on Channel 4, the story of a carer in Liverpool and the desperate challenges she experienced working in a local Care Home.

Jodie Comer of ‘Killing Eve’ fame, played the carer and Stephen Graham, who was in the ‘Line of Duty’, series played a middle-aged man with Dementia. I was moved to tears.

Most carers experiences have not been any different from what was highlighted in the film, exhaustion and stress. You have to be a special type of person to have coped during the last 18 months and many have been pushed beyond the point of no return. I can understand their position.

The worrying facts are…

Carers are leaving the profession in their droves as a result and the ridiculously low pay is forcing them into other jobs such as hospitality, who are desperate for staff.  However, more and more people want home care.  Like in the NHS, staff who have worked beyond the call of duty over the last 18 months now feel undervalued. Whilst the government have put forward proposals to assist the funding of Health and Social Care, those on employment contracts and this low wage will be penalised even more.

Calling all carers

We have been inundated with enquiries and implore you not to abandon your skills, knowledge and ability to make a difference to somebody else’s life and to join our fantastic team of ‘Bunbury Carers’.

Daily Care: £14.50 – £17 per hour

Live-in Care: £680 – £800 per week

Overnight Care: £120 – £160 per night

Benefits of being a self-employed carer

Did you know that if you are self-employed, your costs can be deducted from your income?

You could claim up to £10,000 worth of expenses, such as:

  • phones, laptops, iPads & broadband
  • training, police checks & insurance
  • PPE & clothing
  • mileage, car repairs, parking & public transport

The agency will support you with all the necessary guidance and advice regarding your Tax Return.  Being self-employed means you will pay considerably less tax and National Insurance, which is going up for employees in April.

Who cares? We do… It’s our business to care.

We want to do our utmost to help you remain living as independently as possible in your own home.

Join the campaign to help people remain living in their own homes!

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