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Who comes first? Our clients and our carers, of course!

For many months I have been talking about the problems in Social Care. Things have not improved much although everybody is doing the best they can to help provide the support vulnerable people are in so much need of.

I thought I would speak to some our clients’ families and carers to get their viewpoint on the matter…

This is what the family of one of our live-in clients said about their mother

This client was not a regular with Bunbury Care Agency, as the family wanted to provide as much of their mother’s care themselves. However, towards the end of her life, this became too much of a strain and at the very last minute we provided a carer who made all the difference:

“Sadly, end of life care was needed for my mum recently and I simply cannot commend enough the help and support we received from our carer during that time. She had all the skills required to do this – providing better nursing care than we as a family would have been able to and working around the clock to make sure mum was comfortable.  Most importantly, she had the empathy to deal with close family. With her help and support we ensured mum left us in the comfort of her own bed, with her family around her.”

Anon, Kelsall

Comments from the family of a couple currently receiving Daily Care:

“We are so grateful to Sarah and all of her team at Bunbury Care Agency. We requested help at very short notice on behalf of our parents who needed considerable support to be able to carry on living independently in their own home in Tarporley. They provided us with a dedicated team of carers very quickly, and we had a regular schedule of visits in place within just a few days. Our Mum and Dad have been delighted with the arrangements, and are so happy with the people who visit. The team are so friendly and compassionate, and Mum and Dad are always pleased and grateful to see them. My sister and I have also witnessed first-hand, the incredible dedication and experience of these individuals, and it is so reassuring for us to know that our parents are so well cared for. In all truthfulness, we chose Bunbury Care Agency simply because they were local to us, and we needed support quite urgently. So, we consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have encountered such a responsive, professional and compassionate team.”

Anon, Tarporley

Comments from a carer who recently joined the team

This carer registered with us just before Christmas as a self-employed carer.  She is highly qualified, and I took to her straight away.  Previously, she was employed by a local care agency, and she told me the reasons she decided to make this change:

“Being an employed carer did not live up to my expectations. There was never enough time to provide the person-centered care as I wished for my clients. The Carers were very overworked, meaning there was no work/life balance. I now choose my hours and the agency arranges a choice of regular clients to fit around my personal life. I am developing close relationships with them and their families which gives them reassurance that their loved ones are getting the best possible care. As a self-employed carer, the hourly rates with Bunbury are much higher and there are many tax benefits, meaning I keep most of the money I earn. I would recommend it to any carer who feels overwhelmed in their current employment to contact them. I now have time for me and my family, I can do the job I am passionate about, and I am much happier. It’s the best decision I ever made.”

A Happy Carer

This is what caring in the home is all about. I am very proud we are able to provide this service which is due to the dedication of our amazing carers.

Thank you.

Who cares? We do… It’s our business to care.

We want to do our utmost to help you remain living as independently as possible in your own home.

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