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The Sandwich Generation

Until recently, I was in this situation; I had an elderly mother that needed constant care, children and grandchildren making the usual demands and I was working full time. Whilst families always come first, they can create a very hectic lifestyle in this day and age.

Splitting oneself with so many different priorities, is not only hard to cope with but stressful. Like most relationships, talking helps but having the conversations about issues such as care is never easy. I like to think that we are the jam in the sandwich!

Picking the right time

When we are concerned about the health of our relatives, our worries can overtake our concerns. The temptation can be to rush in and take over.

In this second instalment of ‘Time to Talk’, I list some helpful tips on how to start these conversations:

  • Firstly, make enquiries about the appropriate care and support that is available
  • Consider going away from their home environment, so you can have a more relaxed time to talk, when no one is in a hurry
  • Ask questions rather than make statements, allowing your loved ones to express their views and ideas
  • Finally, discuss the options, emphasising that they can still have their independence by having support at home

What we can offer

Bunbury Care Agency is a family business and has been providing private care in the home for over 50 years. It has always been our philosophy to supply a bespoke and personalised care package, which is totally focused on the needs, wishes and requirements of our clients.

‘Everybody Needs Somebody’, was my mother’s catch phrase and it still applies today. We know from our years of experience, that most people can remain living in their own homes, as long as they have the right care and support.

Affordable Home Care

Unless you are lucky enough to have Local Authority funding, there is obviously a cost to private home care. However, this can be less than the cost of a Care Home.

We have always been conscious of this and do our utmost to keep our fees as competitive as possible, which we can do because our carers are self-employed. This means you pay them for their service direct and only pay the agency a management fee for planning and monitoring your care. This substantially reduces the cost to you as there are no employee expenses or taxes.

Type of care Carer’s pay
(no VAT)
Management Fee
(inc. VAT)
TOTAL Competitor Difference
per week
per month
per year
Single person £780.00 £280.80 £1,060.80 £1,300.00 £239.20 £1,036.53 £12,438.40
Single person
£840.00 £302.40 £1,142.40 £1,300.00 £157.60 £682.93 £8,195.20
Couples £980.00 £352.80 £1,332.80 £1,700.00 £367.20 £1,591.20 £19,094.40

To discuss home care with us, please call 01829 260280 or send us a message.

Who cares? We do… It’s our business to care.

We want to do our utmost to help you remain living as independently as possible in your own home.

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