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Please read our testimonials from valued clients. We’re grateful for the opportunity to have been part of these family’s lives.

My thanks extend to all those in the Agency who helped to look after my wife in her recent illness and demise on 27th May 2020. My wife needed some dedicated care and we were pleased with the standard of care and humanity shown by the Staff. You kept her comfortable and pain free throughout.

– Cheshire

Dear Trish, A personal note of thanks from Sue and myself for all your dedication to keeping things running smoothly at my mother’s. It seems a very long time ago since you sent the first Bunbury Carer along. Sue and I have always known that we’d be alright “Trish will sort it out” – somehow!! A very big thank you.

– Warrington, Cheshire

I am very happy to recommend Bunbury Agency as an effective and responsible organisation.

– Cheshire

Dear Mrs Green, It is with regret that I write to confirm that we will no longer require the services of your Bunbury Ladies. Most of them have proved excellent at caring for my mother who has not always been the easiest person to look after and they have exercised good sense and discretion in caring for her. As her quality of life has declined, this has been a great comfort to the family. Thank you so much for all the Agency and the Ladies did for her.

– Heswall, Wirral

Dear Emily and the “Bunbury Birds”. I am writing to thank you very warmly for all the wonderful Carers you have so kindly supplied to look after my father …He was so pleased to be able to live in his own home. May I say how grateful I am for all the support and help you have given me …You have provided a wonderful service.

– Leeds, West Yorkshire

I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of our family to thank you for all you have done in supplying our mother with very caring ladies. They all did their utmost to make her happy and healthy in her last year.

– Preston, Lancashire

Dear Sarah, I am writing to thank you for all the help your agency has provided for our parents over many years. The helpers have made it possible for both of our parents to stay in their own home, in father’s case until three weeks before his death. Mum moved to the nursing home on Friday, seven weeks after she broke her hip. We do not imagine she will go home again. The ladies we have had from your agency have done their job with kindness and sensitivity and both parents made real friends with some of them. Dorrie and Moya have been particularly wonderful with Mum and have made her last few years more than bearable.

– Bebington, Wirral

Dear Emily, I would like to thank you and your team for bringing comfort and happiness to Mum in what turned out to be a very short period of time since joining the ‘Rosy Rota’. As you know I was very apprehensive, wondering whether Mum would cope with the new situation. As it turned out your ladies brought laughter and fun back into her life …her sparkle had returned.

– Prestbury, Cheshire

Dear Trish and Sarah,

Our mother died in the early hours of this morning, Christine has been extremely caring and supportive, spotting things that needed to be done and approaching the matter with discretion. We could not have managed without her. We would like to thank you and the people who have been caring for my mother especially Angela and Alex who have been present recently and have been tireless in their kind care.

We are so very pleased that my mother was able to stay at home, where she wished to be, Susanna, Edmund and I were with her, and Giles had been there twice in the last 3 days, and friends were visiting throughout the last few days. She felt loved and cherished.

She could not have got better care and we are relieved to know the brief period of intense suffering is over.

With best wishes and thanks.

– Bakewell, Derbyshire

I am writing in a personal capacity to thank you profoundly for your sensitive, professional and positive contribution to Meg’s care over the past several months. I was very impressed by the initial impression you gave when we first met – your priorities for, and sensitivities about, your clients were spot on. This initial impression subsequently stood the test of time.

I know families all have their various challenges from time to time and I don’t know whether ours had more than average, but your team coped magnificently with the particular challenges which we provided!

Meg was blessed to be able to remain in her own home and room right up until the end, and it was the carers that you provided who made the difference. Although all different, and each with her own character and approach, they all were absolutely committed to trying to provide for the best interests of their client – on occasion to their own detriment. They were also very patient and flexible in adapting to the changing needs of the situation, and the demands of us, the family.

I wanted to make it absolutely clear how grateful I was that your team rose magnificently to the particular challenges which we represented.

Thank you most sincerely.

– Chester, Cheshire

Dear Mrs Potter, Sarah & Beth. I just wanted to thank you for all your help, through good and hard times over the past six years. Not only have you never let us down, but I have felt a very real relationship with you, as though we have been working together to keep things going. This last month has been really difficult for us all, especially seeing my mother declining with increasing rapidity. My great ambition was to keep her in her own home until the end. Without your help this would not have been achieved.

– Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

I am writing to you to thank you for your letter and condolences. I was very impressed by the professionalism and care everyone I dealt with at Bunbury, including the two Carers that sadly never had the opportunity to look after my father. Thank you for all your help and support at what was a very difficult time for me and my father. With all good wishes.

– Oxford

Please pass on our grateful thanks to all your staff that cared for Jill. Thank you is never enough in these circumstances. We have come to know many of the girls who were so kind and generous with their time and care, without whom Jill would have had to be admitted to a hospital or home.

– St Albans, Herts

Trish has been the most wonderful Carer for Mum and she was all that I ever wanted from someone for Mum plus a lot more. We were so blessed that she came into our lives! Every day Mum looked forward to her coming and felt so safe and secure when she was around. It is so hard to put all Trish’s wonderful qualities into words, but nothing was ever too much for her and when things got hard she was always around to help and do above and beyond what we needed. She looked after us all really! When Mum was in the hospice, she still visited which gave Mum such a boost and I will never forget her kindness in sitting with Mum the night before she died so my brothers and I could go out and have something to eat. When our elderly parents need care it’s hard to entrust them to strangers and I hope that there is a “Trish” for me one day! I will never forget her and I can never thank her enough for all she has done. Thank you again for your thoughtfulness and for putting us in touch with such a wonderful person.

– Tarporley, Cheshire

Dear Mrs Potter, …I am deeply grateful for all the loving and devoted care that was given to my father over the two years we have called on the Agency for help. I know he appreciated all that was done for him and I am thankful that I arranged the “Bunbury Birds” to look after him.

– Denbighshire, Wales

Dear Mrs Green, Thank you very much for your letter and your kind thoughts following the death of my sister. You did indeed supply three Carers for her in September and October. We were very happy with Margaret and Alex was superb in every way and did so many extra things to improve my sister’s quality of life. It must have been very traumatic for her when my sister died, but I am just thankful that she was with someone who was so caring.

– Gillingham, Kent

Thank you both so much for your cards, it was very kind of you to write.

As you know mum had not had a great year in 2017 with her health deteriorating all the time. She so loved her little cottage and it is a relief that we will not have to make some of the difficult decisions that were looming. It was her time to go and she was wonderfully looked after at Tarporley War Memorial Hospital.

She would not have been able to live independently without the support of her excellent carers. Although she never liked the idea she ended up being very fond of Amanda, Michelle & Carol. Thank you so much for all your help and again for your kind cards.

– Sue

Dear Emily, Sarah and Trish. Thank you so much for your kind and caring attention through these past years. It is really appreciated. Mum died peacefully in her own bed, thanks to you and the Carers… the most recent of which was one of the very best carers possible. Thank you all.

– Tyne & Wear

I wanted to write and say thank you for the service that your company was able to provide for my mother over her last months. The carers enabled her wish to stay in her own home to be able to be carried out. June and Val provided excellent service over Mum’s last weekend which proved to be quite challenging. We worked well together and I was able to be “hands on” in the situation. So, thank you again, to you and your team for all your service. It was much appreciated.

– Chester, Cheshire

Dear Sarah, Now that the family have made the decision that Mother should stay in the Care Home, I write to thank you and the Agency for all the help and assistance you have given over the years. We have had some “interesting” moments but the Agency has, with very few exceptions, managed to provide care to a very high standard. Please pass on our thanks to the many Carers who have been to my Mother’s. Trish continues to provide wonderful support, visiting Mother each afternoon.

– Tarporley, Cheshire

Dear Mrs Green, Thank you so much for your kind letter about my mother Sylvia. She was very well looked after by all the nice Carers you provided for her. Whilst she could be a little insensitive at times due to her dementia I believe, she certainly appreciated their company and the sensitive way they looked after her. Thank you again for all you did for her.

– Heswall, Wirral

Dear Mrs Potter, Sarah & Beth. I just wanted to thank you for all your help, through good and hard times over the past six years. Not only have you never let us down, but I have felt a very real relationship with you, as though we have been working together to keep things going. This last month has been really difficult for us all, especially seeing my mother declining with increasing rapidity. My great ambition was to keep her in her own home until the end. Without your help this would not have been achieved.

– Cumbria

I have been working for the Bunbury Care Agency for just over eight months. I have looked after clients with some very complex needs, which can be challenging at times. I have managed to meet client’s needs by utilising my experience, skills and knowledge, with support from the other carers and the Bunbury office staff.

What is reassuring, is that as a Bunbury Carer, there is always support at the end of the phone even after office hours, so you never feel isolated. I am very happy to be part of the Bunbury team of live-in carers.

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