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Tag: home care

Is it the end of COVID-19 restrictions?

As all the restrictions have ended in England, I do hope everybody is sensible and do the right things, where they may still be putting themselves and others at risk e.g., large gatherings and supermarkets. This time last year I wrote about the nonagenarians and how they viewed the lock

Crisis for unpaid carers

More than 35% of unpaid people caring for family members or friends feel they are worn out and are struggling to manage their caring role, after an extraordinarily challenging year having to provide many more hours of care during the pandemic and reduced support from health and care services. The

Yippee, we are meeting again?

After nearly fourteen months of lockdown and terrible isolation, the vulnerable have had to cope with, our doors are opening so we can see our loved ones and socialise again, at last. The pandemic has dramatically increased loneliness and anxiety, particularly in the elderly, who apart from being scared about

2020 will never be forgotten!

This time last year I said that 2019 was the busiest year we have ever had in over 50 years! Oh boy, I could not have been so wrong. What can one say? We have all experienced probably the worst year of our lives.  My Aunt, who will be 95

Bringing us together this Christmas

As we come to the end of what has been an ‘Annus Horribilis’, I watched Esther Rantzen on ‘Morning Live’, whilst I was thinking about our Christmas message. She talked about loneliness and how it can be seen as something people do not like to admit to. She said, “I
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