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Tag: coronavirus

There were 6 in the bed…

So, if there are 6 in the bed what was it the little one said? Unfortunately, the number of cases of coronavirus is on the increase, which is very worrying. We need to plan even more carefully to protect all our clients and carers through the winter. Luckily, we got

The New Normal

This ‘New Normal’ has heightened our awareness and sensitivity to nature, our surroundings, the stillness and clean air. Talents that we never thought we had, we are now perfecting to quite an acceptable level. I spend more time in my garden and it has never looked so fine with masses

Lockdown relief at last!

Now the lockdown is easing up, it is a great relief we can see our loved ones, albeit from a distance! Let’s hope things continue to improve. Social distancing is more important than ever during these transition periods and we must protect the environment our carers work in. We have been

Continue to stay safe and stay well!

Firstly, I would like to say a big thank you to all my daily and live-in carers for the fantastic commitment and efforts you have shown in the last six weeks in ensuring that all our clients are so well looked after in this exceedingly difficult time. I am so

Try to keep calm and carry on!

We are all greatly concerned about the impact Coronavirus is likely to have on our lives over the months. As a care agency, we are doing everything we can to protect our elderly and vulnerable clients and their carers and have sent out guidelines to all those concerned. I thought
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