Showcasing women’s voices

Showcasing women’s voices
July 1, 2018 Sarah Green

The BBC has been running a fascinating season of programmes and events across TV, radio and online triggered off by the centenary anniversary of women being able to vote in the UK.

Charlotte Moore, Director, says: “I am so proud to be bringing this important and wide-ranging season of content to audiences across the BBC. With so many bold and thought-provoking new commissions, ‘Hear Her’ will look at how far female empowerment and equality has come over the past 100 years, examine what it is like to be a woman in 2018 and celebrate strong female voices and achievements.”

Hear Her…

Well, I have been watching some of these programmes, in particular, Lucy Worsley’s wonderful drama-documentary on the Suffragettes which highlighted a story of 6 working-class women and their struggle to get the vote.  I was taken back about how strong, powerful and intelligent these women were and it made me think again about how sad it is when old age gets the better of us and we no longer have this voice.  Time and time again when I visit clients, I try to find out about their lives.  I don’t think I have come across anyone who has not had a colourful and stimulating one.

Me too…

Well, this campaign, of course, started up as a result of sexual harassment allegations in the film industry, but I feel that it has a greater meaning. Again thinking of my very elderly ladies particularly those in their 90s who are often just very frail, but still know exactly what they want and feel, would happily say don’t forget ‘Me Too!’  We must not let the older generations lose their dignity, integrity or have their personal care ignored or abused.

Fifty Years…

As we are nearly half way through our 50th year of caring for others, I think it is time to reflect on how the ageing population just keeps on going and increasing and be aware of their needs as much as our own.

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