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There were 6 in the bed…

So, if there are 6 in the bed what was it the little one said?

Unfortunately, the number of cases of coronavirus is on the increase, which is very worrying. We need to plan even more carefully to protect all our clients and carers through the winter.

Luckily, we got through the lockdown without too many problems. We pray this will continue through the winter.

I am sure everyone is very conscious of the new ‘Rule of 6’ in or out of the house, and the importance of washing hands and social distancing. We must be religious about this if we are going to control the spread of this virus.

However, I am more concerned about the mental welfare of the elderly and vulnerable in our community. I have heard some say, “Will life ever return to normal in my lifetime?” This must be very depressing as we just don’t know.

Roll over and make a weekly plan

My mother always says to make lists of all the good and bad things that are happening in priority of importance. It is almost certain that the bad list will be the longest! Start from the bottom of the bad list and ask yourself this question: “Is this really that bad and do I really need to think about it now?” If the answer is no, strike it off. Less to worry about. In normal times I know the good list will be longer, but perhaps not at present. So, what to do? Obviously make the good list longer! Put a weekly calendar up on the wall. Ask a friend or a relative to write something nice for you to every day. You may not be able to go out, but you could have something a bit different to eat or make a phone call to someone you haven’t spoken to for ages. Having a good catch up or moan as to how you are both feeling can help alleviate the stress and worry. Troubled shared and all that!

I had a great chat with my beauty therapist at the weekend. I felt under pressure and was exhausted. After listening to me for 10 minutes I asked her about her week, and she burst into tears. It had been lousy too. Plans she had made to see family she had not seen since lockdown had been cancelled because her daughter had caught a cold. Her car broke down and her husband was working away. I was reminded that we are in this together and felt a bit brighter. They say its good to talk and we have got a lot to talk about.

Campaigning to help people remain living in their own homes

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