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Live in care jobs

Live-in care jobs with Bunbury Care Agency

Bunbury Care Agency has a variety of live in care jobs available. We are an independent and private family-run home care agency based in Cheshire and have been helping families for over 50 years. Our longevity and success is largely attributed to our invaluable team of carers who look after our clients with the dignity, respect and understanding that they deserve.

Our Philosophy

We passionately believe the elderly and vulnerable should have the choice of how they are looked after. Our experience tells us that almost everyone, with the right care and support, can remain living in their own homes.

We believe that our clients benefit from a variety of regular live in carers and want more than ‘pop in – pop out’ daily home visits.

Rates of pay

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Working hours and schedules

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Include here (or under a heading?) that all carers are self-employed for the following reasons (include short list). More information here (link out to dedicated page).

The role of a live-in carer

Privacy, Dignity and Respect

Our live-in carers work usually look after 2-3 clients on a rota basis. Each client will have 3 -4 carers which means you can schedule your availability around your daily life i.e. have time for your family, appointments and holidays. This also benefits our clients as they see a variety of friendly faces.

Most live-in bookings/placements are usually 1 week but some clients like to have the same person/carer for a fortnight. We feel that this is the longest a booking should be so that you do not become overworked and tired. Your wage will always reflect the level of care required (should this link out somewhere?) and additional support is provided to ensure your have regular breaks. All travel costs are paid at 45p per mile.

Your care duties will usually include the following:

  • Dressing and undressing
  • Bathing, washing, shaving and oral hygiene
  • Toilet and continence requirements
  • Medication requirements and other health related issues
  • Manual handling
  • Hygiene and awareness of infection control
  • Eating and meal times
  • Handling personal possessions and documents
  • Entering the home, room, bathroom or toilet

Can the above be mostly covered by ‘personal care’ and then we can add ‘nicer’ duties including: shopping, pet care, cooking/meal preparation [healthy meals], mobility assistance/support, household chores, running errands, getting that person to an appointment (terminology?), medication etc.

Qualifications & Training Requirements

List out mandatory requirements. Then go into detail about low-, mid-, and high-level live-in carers and how they differ and what is needed?

Explain years of experience required and perhaps mention if training or certificates are missing the agency can help the carer acquire what is needed?

Recruitment/Application process

Short explanation of recruitment process i.e. submit CV, in-person interview, reference check, qualification check etc. and then good to go. Timelines?

Example clients

Discuss how the agency does its best (not the right word) to match appropriate carers with clients based on needs and also personalities and interests.

Perhaps include an example client for each level of care here?


Selection of common FAQs for live-in carers (similar to ones created for families) i.e. do I have my own bedroom/bathroom, who pays for my food, what if I have a problem/emergency, do I need a driving licence, how long is the application process etc.

Current live-in care jobs

There are currently no vacancies.

Working for Bunbury Care Agency

We know that the backbone of our business is our team of wonderful carers and companions. We take great pride in looking after our carers so that you can do the best for your clients.

Find out more

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Welcome to the Bunbury Care Agency

We take great pride in looking after all the staff who register with us, and we look forward to helping you find the right vacancies that match your skill and expertise.

As a specialist home care agency since 1968, we are always looking for experienced and high-quality daily and live-in carers for our clients who are predominently elderly.

Your role as a Bunbury carer is a combination of caring, cooking, housekeeping and most importantly companionship. We like all our carers build good relationships with their clients. As time goes by, our carers feel they become part of the family, making it a very rewarding experience.

Our Home Care Services

We provide the following home care services:

  • Live-in care (by a team on a rota)
  • Daily care (minimum of one hour)
  • After hospital care
  • Respite care (to give family carers a rest)
  • Weekend cover
  • Overnight (sleeping & waking)
  • Temporary care

The majority of our clients are elderly and some are well into their 90’s which is remarkable. They may have conditions that require carers with specialist skills and experience and some just need daily assistance or temporary help after a period in hospital. Others may require a high level of care during the day or night.

You will be able to look after a variety of people according you your expertise ranging from people who are seriously ill with Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson, MS and of course cancer. We also look after people who have poor mobility or who are just frail and lonely.

We know that our approach to caring has made a difference to other people’s lives and we invite you to become part our long-established team of live in and daily carers and companions.

Working for Bunbury Care Agency

Freedom of choice

You are not obliged to accept just any booking but we are very experienced in matching your personality and skills to our clients. You are always free to work elsewhere, but we hope that you will enjoy looking after our clients and will give us a reasonable amount of availability as our clients need their regular carers on a regular basis.


You have the choice of when and where you work, enabling you to build your hours around your family, commitments and general lifestyle. We manage your rota on your behalf and around your availability. All we ask is that you give us plenty of notice if you are unable to work so we can find a suitable replacement carer.


As we are a family business it is important we work as a team. We like to look after our carers as much as we do our clients. We consider you as part of this family and are always available to talk to you to should you have a problem or some concerns.


Our carers have always been the backbone of our business and provide an invaluable service to us and our clients for which we have a unique reputation in the market place. You will find that your wages reflect the quality of your service.

What our carers say

“It took me a while to have the confidence to give up my permanent job with the local authority, but I am glad I did. I now work fewer hours to suit my lifestyle and still earn a good living. The main benefit however is being able to do my job in a less stressful way knowing that I really am making a difference to someone else’s life. I would highly recommend anyone who passionately believes that elderly people should remain living in their own homes, to register with Bunbury. They treat their carers as they treat their clients with kindness, understanding and compassion.”

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