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Elderly carer jobs

Welcome to Bunbury Care Agency

We are an independent, family-run agency that has been trading for over 50 years. Our success and longevity is largely attributed to our invaluable team of carers who look after our clients with the respect, dignity and understanding that they deserve.

Our Philosophy

We passionately believe the elderly and vulnerable people should have the choice of how they are looked after. Our experience tells us that almost everyone, with the right care and support, can remain living in their own homes.

We believe that our clients benefit from a variety of regular live in carers and want more than ‘pop in – pop out’ daily home visits.

The role of an elderly carer

Privacy, Dignity and Respect

As one of our Rosy Rota Carers, you are expected to maintain the dignity, respect, lifestyle and confidentiality of the client at all times, with particular regard to assisting with:

  • Dressing and undressing
  • Bathing, washing, shaving and oral hygiene
  • Toilet and continence requirements
  • Medication requirements and other health related issues
  • Manual handling
  • Hygiene and awareness of infection control
  • Eating and meal times
  • Handling personal possessions and documents
  • Entering the home, room, bathroom or toilet

Our live-in carers work usually look after 2-3 clients on a rota basis. Each client will have 3 -4 carers which means you can schedule your availability around your daily life i.e. have time for your family, appointments and holidays.

Most live in bookings are usually 1 week but some clients like to have the same person for a fortnight. We feel that this is the longest a booking should be so that you do not become overworked and tired. Your wage will always reflect the level of care required and additional support is provided to ensure your have regular breaks.

Our daily carers can visit their clients a few times a day BUT for no less than 1 hour at a time. It is important not to rush so you can give your client the best of your skills and still have time for a chit chat over a cup of tea. This makes your job far more rewarding and fulfilling knowing that you are making a difference to someone else’s life.

Most of our clients need help in the morning and evening, but some may require up to 4 visits a day, an overnight or even a weekend. You may share your client list with another daily carer, but unless there is an emergency you will always be booked with your regular clients enabling you to maintain the relationship with them.

Current elderly carer jobs


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