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Our ongoing commitment to care

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Let me reassure you!

The Bunbury Care Agency is committed to supporting families to ensure that their loved ones are kept safe, looked after properly, and can continue to live as independently as possible in their own homes. We always try to do our utmost to provide safe, effective and consistent care for all our clients both daily and live in.

Together, with our experienced carers and companion housekeepers, we provide flexible and adaptable support when and where you need it. Whether it is just for an hour a day or 24 hour live in care, you will have peace of mind that your elderly relative will be cared for with the greatest respect and dignity.  Whilst life does not give 100% guarantees, we do have a reputation based over many years of experience of being reliable and flexible to our clients needs.  Our carers are also very important to us which is why our daily calls are a minimum of 1 hour, so they have the time to not only attend to people’s needs but provide some companionship therefore developing a relationship. We believe this is vital to providing the care that makes a difference to people’s lives.

I think this says it all…

“My 96 year old Dad passed away recently after a long and healthy life. Bunbury Care Agency enabled him to enjoy life right up to his last days. Their wonderful, kind and professional carers worked with him at my home in Cheshire and at his home in Southern Ireland. One beautiful summer, their carers drove him all over Cheshire and spent hours in the garden chatting with him. Their warmth, patience and skill were uplifting to see.

Another outstandingly and very capable carer, also looked after him at his home in Ireland and was there when he passed away. She managed flights, driving, housekeeping and liaising with family and medical staff. Family members, neighbours and friends have all remarked on her competence and calmness. My Dad was very fortunate to have the Bunbury Agency and its dedicated Carers there for him”

If you would like to discuss the many care options available, or join our team of carers, please contact us on 01829 260280.

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Campaigning to help people remain living in their own homes

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