New Year wishes and thanks

New Year wishes and thanks
December 26, 2021 Sarah Green

Firstly, I hope everyone had a very happy Christmas and were able to be with as many relatives and friends as possible. For those who had to work over the festive period, I also hope you managed to have some time with your families.

I would like to thank all my daily and live-in carers who gave up their time to make Christmas special for their clients. Not one vulnerable person was left alone. My administrative team also worked so very hard to facilitate this for which I am very grateful.

Time to Start afresh in 2022

I know I have been writing about the ‘Crisis in Care’ for some time, to the point that it’s difficult to think of what else to say to get the message across. The facts are simple:

  • Many more people want to stay at home rather than go into a care home.
  • There are just not enough carers to go round.
  • This means that carers are under extreme pressure again as they have to cover a lot more bookings in order to honour our obligations to our clients.

I have had families in tears begging us to help a loved one. We have tried to accommodate as many as possible but sadly one client died before we could support her. Her husband had recently gone in a care home. She wanted to join him in the home before Christmas. It broke my heart as I felt we had failed her. Of course, we hadn’t, the system had failed her!

I appeal to those carers who are highly qualified in domiciliary care to return to care and not waste all their skills and experience. The Bunbury Care Agency only registers new carers if we know we can give you the hours you need. We always work around your private life, ensuring that you have a better work life balance. Let’s try and put the strain of the last two years behind us and start afresh. Come and join us so we can do our bit to solve the crisis in social care.

Financial examples

Figures below are approximate and based on the following wages:

Daily Care:  £14.50 – £17 per hour

Live-in Care: £700 – £980 per week

Overnight Care: £120 – £160

Live-in Carers

Week on, week off @ £700 per week

Receipts per month   £1,517
Income for the year £18,200
Less personal tax allowance £12,570
Net income before expenses £5,630
Allowable Expenses   £5,000
Annual Tax = £126 /NIC = £428

Daily Carers

20 hours per week @ £300 per week

Receipts per month £1,300
Income for the year £15,600
Less personal tax allowance £12,570
Net income before expenses    £3,030
Allowable Expenses £4,000
Annual Tax = £nil /NIC = £340

Happy New Year and Thank You.

Who cares …… It’s our business to care.

We want to do our utmost to help you remain living as independently as possible in your own home.

Join the campaign to help people remain living in their own homes!

We are a home care agency based in Bunbury, Cheshire helping families predominantly across the North West and North Wales, although we are nation-wide.

Bunbury Care Agency is registered with the CQC (Care Quality Commission),  a member of the Homecare Association and an associate member of SOLLA (Society of Later Life Advisers). SOLLA is the only association in the UK that can provide accredited financial consultants who can advise and assist people with the funding of elderly care.

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