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Never lose hope

As we enter another year and the turbulent times continue, it is hard to look forward and imagine better times.

The last few years has affected the whole world, Covid, war in Ukraine and now the very challenging economic situation. It’s understandable people want more pay, we all do, but without growth it seems unlikely.

The Home Care Challenge

Care in the home is in a terrible crisis. There are not enough carers to go round and therefore vulnerable people are stuck in the hospitals causing a chain reaction to the whole system. I cannot imagine what it must be like to wait in an Ambulance for so many hours and then again in A&E. All personnel in Health and Social Care services are now stretched to their limit both practically and emotionally. No wonder, regardless of pay, these skilful and valuable people are leaving their vocation to find a less stressful work/life balance.

Calling on our Local Community

I was speaking with a senior nurse who used to work at Tarporley War Memorial Hospital the other day. We were both speechless as to why they cannot open up the wards again, if only for a temporary period. The government built temporary wards during Covid, surely this is just as urgent!

I implore anyone who has some influence to start a campaign to re-open the wards. It appears to be just admin offices at present. There are other Health Authorities who are finding ways to provide temporary support for the elderly so they can free up some hospital beds. We had an amazing service in Tarporley that could accommodate nearly 18 people which is just sitting there! I will give all my support to help anyone who could start a campaign. The trustees must be encouraged to speak to our MP immediately. I certainly intend to.


We now have some capacity to help get your loved ones out of hospital or prevent them from going in, from January onwards. Please contact us as soon as possible so we can do our bit to help Social Care get out of this terrible jam and have some positive hope for the New Year.

And Finally!

A big thank you to all my carers and staff who have worked over the call of duty and to the point of near exhaustion for getting through 2022 challenges and never letting us and their clients down. I know they will continue to do so as always. We want to welcome new carers to become part of the Bunbury Care Agency family. The more carers the more we can help the situation.

Carer’s rates

Live-in Care: £760 – £980 per week
Overnight Care: £120 – £160 per 12 hours
Daily Care: £16 p/h weekdays – £18 p/h weekends
Travel allowance: 45p per mile

Who cares? We do… It’s our business to care.

We want to do our utmost to help you remain living as independently as possible in your own home.

Join the campaign to help people remain living in their own homes!

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