Loneliness and Frailty

Loneliness and Frailty
October 13, 2017 Sarah Green

Loneliness is one the biggest problems as we get older. As more and more people live into their 90s they are often left with few friends; families may be scattered around the country and it can be frightening to go out of the house by oneself. Even if one is quite healthy medically, frailty is the continual enemy.  This gradual loss of resilience which is a natural part of the ageing process can mean that one may not bounce back as quickly as one used to, especially after a bout of illness or periods of stress.

There are a number of different issues or problems to consider, which, taken individually, might not be very serious but when added together have a large impact on one’s health, confidence and wellbeing.

Overall loss of resilience, unfortunately, starts in your 60s and women are more affected than men. This rises to nearly 65% of people over the age of 90.

Understanding the impact

You may still manage most things within your home, but the thought of going out by yourself can be very frightening. “Better to stay put and watch the television. Maybe somebody will ring or pop in to see me”, I hear you say.  But maybe they don’t, and as the nights start to darken, 24 hours can be a long time!

Maybe you cannot be bothered to get washed and dressed in the morning; your appetite decreases and anything will do to eat! Meaning you could have less energy for moving about to keep you flexible.  You feel the cold more and everything appears to be coming to a stop.  Well sadly, it literally is!


However isn’t it amazing when you see an elderly person, albeit frail, out and about enjoying the day, engaging with their surroundings and socialising? Oh, don’t we just hope we will be like that when we reach that age!

If only there was just a friendly local person to come in a couple of times a week.  They could do a bit of housework; prepare some nice food and have a chat. Perhaps they could even take you out for a drive or go shopping. Just imagine how this could make a real difference to your life.

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