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Lockdown relief at last!

Now the lockdown is easing up, it is a great relief we can see our loved ones, albeit from a distance! Let’s hope things continue to improve.

Social distancing is more important than ever during these transition periods and we must protect the environment our carers work in.

We have been so successful in doing this so far, that we are now able to accept new clients and recruit additional carers, both daily and live-in.

We continue to care…

My team at the Bunbury Care Agency have been working around the clock and I thank them again for all their hard work. The last few months has also taken its toll on our carers and yet they continue to care and put their clients first.

The one good thing about this awful virus is that it has focused the country on the plight of the elderly and vulnerable. Hopefully, there will soon be some big improvements in social care. There is no question that there will be a surge of people needing care in the home because of Coronavirus and people will think twice about going into a care home.

I know from experience, that almost everyone can remain living in their own home with the right care and support. We can offer high-level carers who have experience with hoists, serious dementias, cancer, Parkinson’s, strokes and MS to lower level carers and personal assistants as well companion housekeepers if you do not need any personal care.

Everybody needs somebody

This could not be truer now!

Campaigning to help people remain living in their own homes

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