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Is it the end of COVID-19 restrictions?

As all the restrictions have ended in England, I do hope everybody is sensible and do the right things, where they may still be putting themselves and others at risk e.g., large gatherings and supermarkets.

This time last year

I wrote about the nonagenarians and how they viewed the lock down compared to the war years. My Aunt who is now 96, told me about the comradeship and patriotism. She also told me about my father pretending to be 16 and bearing a stretcher bear. They never knew if he would come home each night.

I recently met a lady who is the same age as my father would have been and grew up in Wallasey, where he lived. She had more amazing stories of the war. The one which I found the most poignant was this one:

“Every Friday my mother and I went to visit friend down the road for supper.  They had a bomb shelter under the stairs, so we knew we would be safe. One week, my mother said we would not be going today, as she had rather a lot of chores to do.  That evening we saw three bombs hurtling through the air.

They landed on our friends’ house and tragically, they did not survive!”

She went on to tell me how they had to manage without so much, sometimes no water or electricity and of course food rations.  The had to carry gas masks with them all the time and the Home Guard did not really have any weapons.  She said that when she thinks back, the lockdown has not been that hard for her, by comparison, apart from the loneliness.  She has all the food and things she could possibly want; she has kept warm and cosy in her bungalow and she is lucky she can still drive to the shop.

Her neighbours are incredibly supportive BUT being this old and isolated for so long, makes her wonder what all the sacrifices they had live with were for if life cannot return to a happier way of living.

So, please take care and keep safe.

Make sensible decisions.

We cannot have another lockdown.

Who cares? We do… It’s our business to care.

We want to do our utmost to help you remain living as independently as possible in your own home.

Join the campaign to help people remain living in their own homes!

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