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In memoriam – Leila Potter


How it all started

by our founder
Leila Potter, 1930 – 2022

“I was having difficulty in finding the right person to look after my three children, Sarah, Lucy and Emily. I had become a local Councillor and suddenly my life had become rather hectic.”

“When the Agency started, I wrote everything out by hand but after six months I needed a secretary. The Bunbury Domestic Agency as it was known then, was in business and our slogan was and still is ‘Everybody needs Somebody’.

“Ten years later, I was employing three people and clients and staff were contacting us from all over the UK. As time went by, my mother needed a live-in companion housekeeper. We needed staff that had the skills and experience to look after older people and so I started our ‘Rosy Rota’ Care Service, so named because I love the colour pink!”

Sadly, Leila, my mother passed away peacefully on the day of the Summer Solstice, (also Prince William’s birthday); she adored the royal family. She played such a significant role in the community and was always there to help and support good causes and local people. 

I remember in particular, coming home from boarding school and she was so excited she nearly forgot to collect me from the train. She had just managed to persuade the Crewe & Nantwich Borough Council to install hot running water and inside facilities for the old peoples’ homes in the village. I didn’t understand what all the fuss was about until she told me that they had to go in a shed in the back garden. Of course, I was horrified but immensely proud of what she had achieved. 

As many know, she achieved a multitude of triumphs supported by my father’s amazing logistical skills, e.g., establishing ‘Village Day’ in the grounds of Foxdale. We had a giant marquee in the field for a barn dance in the evening. I think people staggered home well after midnight. 

As her eldest daughter there is little more that I can say that many people don’t already know. She had limitless energy and determination. She stood out in a crowd with her passion for fashion, not always the best time to be a daughter! She lived a long and fruitful life and definitely made her mark on Bunbury and beyond, as well as with her beloved friends and of course, her family. 

May she rest in peace. 

“Everybody Needs Somebody”

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