Holding back the years

Holding back the years
September 4, 2017 Sarah Green

This month I want to be more positive about getting older.  You may have seen the recent documentary headed by Bill Turnbull, who used to present BBC Breakfast. Along with comedian Maureen Lipman, broadcaster Angela Rippon, choreographer Arlene Philips & chef Ainsley Harriet, they have produced this extraordinary program in four sections about how some of our older generation are keeping physically and mentally active, staying healthy and managing on a basic pension, so they enjoy life even into their ‘90s.

Derby and Joan Clubs!

Maureen Lipman visited one of these clubs based in her home town of Hull.  It is run by volunteers, many of whom are older than the people who visit for the day. The lady in charge is 81 and has been helping out for the past 37 years. ‘I get a lot of pleasure seeing everybody….it’s the highlight of my week and it gives me a purpose’. Dorothy, who is over 90, has been there for over 40 years. As she washes up after lunch, she says ‘coming here is a panacea. You realise that you may have problems, but they are not as bad as a lot of other people’s, very therapeutic.’ At 92 Joyce sits at the dinner table looking as if she should be having her dinner brought to her, but actually she still has her apron on. She is in the middle of cooking lunch for everyone else!

So keep busy and social!

This group is run by Royal Voluntary Service which has been going for decades. The three ladies featured are just the tip of the iceberg.  There are over 35,000 volunteers who are senior citizens and are determined to remain independent whilst staying social.  Whether it’s visiting patients in hospital, going to the shops or just calling for a cup of tea, they make an astounding 90,000 journeys every year helping others.

And guess what……?

According to the head of the RVS, there is definite evidence that volunteering is good for one’s health.  Whilst younger helpers are always appreciated, being a volunteer in your ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s can help you live longer, make you physically stronger and mentally more alert because you keep active and engage socially with others.  Everyone wins it would seem.

Some opinions from the club

“I like to take my wife out once a week, but she sits on a different table which she says is more fun!”

“I come here for the lovely food and company. It’s very lively.”

“You get a feeling of being well looked after.”

“As I live on my own in a flat, so it’s nice to get out. You do get fed up with the TV.”

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