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Grandparents have an important role to play

At last, it appears that our children will be able to return to school. Having just had my 9-year-old granddaughter to stay, she told me the beginning of the lockdown was nice to have her parents at home. However, she gradually became less interested in homeschooling.

My daughter, who is a teacher, really tried her best! My granddaughter preferred to play with her little brother, watch TV and play games on her iPad. She lost interest in reading which she always loved but learnt some excellent technical skills. She made me some small films of all the past pictures and videos of my grandchildren. Wonderful and precious! During her stay, we started reading again and made a plan for returning to school. She left content and re-assured.

A book of empty pages?

As autumn approaches, we are still worried about the possibility of another lockdown or spike in the level of infection.  How do we cope with ‘the not knowing’ what could happen tomorrow? Going out for meals with family has given me the confidence to be amongst people again as we get into the habit of social distancing, wearing masks and sanitising hands. We know this will be part of our everyday lives for many months to come so we have to stay positive. After all, things are better than they were! If we stay alert, prepared and super conscious of how we need to behave amongst people, I believe there is hope we will get to the end of this.

We still need more Carers

£12.50 on weekdays & £16.50 at weekends.

Live-in care £660 – £720 per week. Overnight from £100 – £140 per 24 hours.

45 pence per mile travel allowance.

Good luck to all those going back to school, both pupils and their wonderful teachers.

Please contact us on 01829 2060280. We look forward to doing our utmost for you.

Campaigning to help people remain living in their own homes

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