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Continue to stay safe and stay well!

Firstly, I would like to say a big thank you to all my daily and live-in carers for the fantastic commitment and efforts you have shown in the last six weeks in ensuring that all our clients are so well looked after in this exceedingly difficult time. I am so proud of everyone. They are all amazing!

We are all greatly concerned about the impact Coronavirus is having on our lives and livelihoods. Speaking to my 96-year-old Aunt recently I asked her if it was like this in the war? She said, “Not really because we were not so isolated; we were able to look after each other face to face.” Apparently, my father, George Potter, at the age of 14 volunteered as a stretcher bearer. She said he would go out in the morning and they never knew when or if, he would come back! A worry many people will have now when they leave their homes to provide critical care for others.

Well we may not be able to get together like this, but due to the wonders of modern technology we are together and boy oh boy, what a difference we are making!

The Bunbury Care Agency is doing everything we can to protect our elderly and vulnerable clients. I take my hat off to all my dedicated carers, for their commitment and hygiene diligence as they continue to provide our clients, some of which live in Bunbury and in the nearby villages. Others are further afield and have live in carers who still manage to be there at the appointed time ensuring that all their needs are catered for.

Self-employed carers do not appear to get the same recognition as the other key services, but I just want everyone to know how proud and grateful I am to all of them.

Fix Dementia Care

“People affected by dementia typically spend £100,000 on their own care due to a system that is unfair, unsustainable and in need of an urgent overhaul.”

If you’d like to show your support for the ‘Fix Dementia Care’ campaign, you can find out more information here.

When my mother, Leila Potter started this agency 52 years ago, she said,

“Everybody Needs Somebody”


Now, Everybody Needs Everybody!

Take care and thank you

Campaigning to help people remain living in their own homes

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