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Christmas is coming and there will be enough turkeys!

Well, what can I say? I do believe we are all about to spend a wonderful Christmas time with our friends and relatives this year.

I will be with my grandchildren, who both have their birthdays on 28th December and despite being bad timing, I can be there with them for the first time in two years to celebrate. They always give me the greatest joy and lift my spirits. Something we all need after this dreadful period of our lives.

Sadly, there will be people missing and I am sure we will all pray for them and their families over this festive time.

Our carers and staff who have gone beyond the call of duty, not only deserve our thanks and gratitude but also our prayers to help support and restore them as we gradually move out of this terrible pandemic.

Recruiting carers is paramount

I have spoken to many people in the caring industry over the last month and we all have the same concerns. We completely understand why carers are leaving the profession and empathise with them. For those who have taken a break from being a domiciliary carer we implore you to return to the profession after Christmas. We are all using our best endeavours to offer the best possible wage and schedule so that you are not as overwhelmed as you have been during this pandemic. The more of you who return the easy it will be for everyone. I repeat it has never been a better time to be a self-employed carer.

Hope for the future

As we know there are still risks so it so important, we are all as vigilant as possible about protecting ourselves and others around us. Not everyone wants to take the vaccination which is worrying but they have the right to choose. Again, I pray that those who are nervous about this, can find the courage to take a leap of faith so we can leave this pandemic behind us next year.

May I wish all those who read this article
a very special and Happy Christmas and hope for a better year ahead.

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