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Celebrating 50 years of caring for others!

In 1968 my mother established The Bunbury Agency when she could not find that ‘Special Person’ to look after her own three children. I joined the Bunbury Care Agency in 2004 and now, along with my efficient team care coordinators and advisors, am privileged to own and run the Agency. Nowadays, our energies are totally focused and committed to providing that ‘Special Person’ for other families who are in need of trustworthy and reliable elderly care and companionship.

As part of our celebrations for our 50th year, we are launching support for a ‘Charity of the Month’.  As communicating through Social Media is so important these days, for every 100 ‘Likes’ on Facebook, will donate £100 to that charity. Some will be local, others national, such as the Alzheimer’s Society. We will also offer one of daily clients a carer, free of charge, who will take them out for tea and cakes for a couple of hours.

A bit about us

2018 is our 50th Anniversary and we have some big plans.  We have just opened a sister branch of the Bunbury Care Agency on the island of Anglesey called, guess what, ‘Anglesey Home Care’!  My other half has a house there and after considerable research, I have found that there is a big demand for the type of personal care and attention our agency prides itself on. So many things have happened in bringing this together, which has been quite a ‘Serendipity’ experience; ‘the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way’.

Care at Home

Being cared for at home gives you freedom of choice, flexibility and the ability to live the way you wish with a care package that is uniquely tailored to your needs. After 50 years of caring, we know that most people can remain living in their own homes with the right care, support and companionship.

  • We care about the many elderly and vulnerable people who struggle to look after themselves properly, manage their personal care or have poor mobility.
  • We care about those who need some daily care and help with preparing meals, shopping and housekeeping or those who may just be lonely and in need of a friendly face every so often.
  • We care about those who need respite care or a break from looking after their own relatives and would benefit from someone providing live in care for short periods of time such as weekends or overnight.


Anglesey Home Care

Anglesey Home Care is part of the Bunbury Care Agency. We look forward to providing our carer services to all the communities on the island.  Please contact us at Bunbury for further information or view our website.

 ‘Everybody needs somebody’

Sarah Green - Bunbury Care Agency
Sarah Green – Director

My mother’s phrase, Everybody Needs Somebody is still so relevant today. So on behalf of myself and my fantastic team, we look forward to doing our utmost to help you.

I passionately believe and know that with the right care and support, most people can spend their later years in their own home. We look forward with great enthusiasm and excitement to lifting the burden on families and providing care and support you can trust, to many more people in the future.

With our expertise in co-ordinating high-quality elderly care and companion housekeeping services in the home, you can trust and rely upon our excellent team of carers.

We look forward to an exciting 2018.


If you would like to discuss the many home care options available please call us on 01829 260280.

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