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Celebrating 48 years of caring

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Celebrating 48 years of caring

The Bunbury Agency was started in April 1968 by its founder Leila Potter when she could not find that ‘Special Person’ to look after her own three children. In the early days she concentrated on finding nannies and housekeepers until her own mother needed a carer, so our live in care service was born. Even in the eighties, it became apparent to us that people were living longer and would therefore need more help in the home.

Today our focus is totally on the elderly and the demand for daily and live in care is huge. Quite rightly, in my opinion, more and more people wish to remain living in their own homes for as long as possible.  Remarkably, over half our current clients are in their 90s and because of the fantastic support our carers give them they continue to live as independently as possible.  Quite an achievement all round I think.

I want to take this opportunity on this anniversary to thank all our wonderful carers who work so hard day and night providing such excellent care and support to our clients. Their role is as much valued by us as it is by our clients and I take my hat off to them for all their dedication and commitment. They so often change their plans at a moment’s notice so our clients are never left alone. As a family business they are a very important part of our Bunbury family!

Our home care service

If you want to maintain your freedom of choice and the ability to live the way you wish, we can provide that essential understanding and companionship which is uniquely tailored to your needs.

We understand that making decisions regarding care is very difficult and stressful. We will give you all the advice and support to enable you to continue living at home, surrounded by your memories and possessions.

After 48 years of caring, we know that most people can remain living in their own homes with the right care and support.

Like my mother all those years ago, we continually strives to find that ‘Special Person’ for other families who are in need of a trustworthy and reliable daily and live in carers at home.

Why not become a Bunbury Carer?

We are always looking for experienced and caring people to look after our clients, so please contact us on 01829 260280 if you are interested in joining our team.

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Campaigning to help people remain living in their own homes

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