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Bringing us together this Christmas

As we come to the end of what has been an ‘Annus Horribilis’, I watched Esther Rantzen on ‘Morning Live’, whilst I was thinking about our Christmas message. She talked about loneliness and how it can be seen as something people do not like to admit to.

She said, “I had a visitor recently, she probably thought I was a poor old lady that needed help.  In fact, what she said was, “We are bringing round cream teas, would you like one?” “Who would turn down a cream tea? A tactful and lovely excuse to check up on people, I thought.”

A thought for the lonely

Loneliness in the elderly is usually connected with the loss of a spouse or relative which many have experienced this year. Or having something practical taken away from you like your driving license, which seriously affects your independence. Ester said that whilst helping others can give you a sense of worth, a bit of self-pampering at this time of year would not go amiss.  This week she indulged in ice cream and black cherries; a recipe featured on Nigella’s latest cookery program. Asked if that helped? “I think it rather did, along with watching Strictly Come Dancing of course!”

Finally, she said, “Loneliness comes and goes. The constant is you and you are worth knowing, you have an awful lot to give so why not give something to yourself.”

A thought for the families

My daughter is a teacher in a Catholic school, which is also multi-faith. On our weekly Facetime update, she told me how they have been interpreting the Christmas Story to be relevant to all the religions in the school. They discuss the importance of bringing the family together. If Christ was born in a stable, he had visitors like Shepherds and Kings, rich and poor, coming from afar. I think this was a lovely thought and very poignant this year.

On behalf of everyone at the Bunbury Agency,

I hope you get to be with your families and have a wonderful Christmas.

Sarah Green

Please help more people remain living in their own homes!

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