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Autumn colours

Despite the sudden heatwave, we have been lucky to have the sun back again. However, as the nights begin to draw in and the trees bow out for the year with their spectacular colours, one often forgets how beautiful these months can be.

Consider this…

If you have elderly parents or relatives, you may be concerned about their welfare. This can be is a difficult and emotional discussion to have. Over the next few months I shall be highlighting the best ways to have these sensitive conversations with your loved ones. As we move into winter they may be more vulnerable than usual.

There is so much press about the state of the NHS and Social Care not coping with the workload and this is very true. Things are not getting any better and will probably be even harder during the winter.

Maybe it’s Time to Talk?

  • Are you still managing to cope on your own?
  • Do you think some help around the house could be a good idea?
  • Do you still feel safe driving?
  • Are you finding looking after the garden, harder to manage?
  • Do you feel safe climbing the stairs and getting in and out of the bath or shower?
  • Do you have trouble in hearing the telephone or doorbell?
  • Are you eating properly and keeping warm?

Who cares… it’s our business to care

We care… and we understand

Finding the right care or companionship for a loved one is complicated these days and can be very stressful. We all know that there is a shortage of experienced qualified carers throughout the country as a result of the additional demands during Covid.

However, there are still some very committed carers available. I am pleased to say that our carers have continued to give their utmost to their clients. You are not alone and having someone who understands what you are going through can really help.

Affordable Care in the Home

Unless you are lucky enough to have Local Authority funding, there is obviously a cost. It may be surprising to learn that it can be less than the cost of a Care Home.

We have always been conscious of this and do our utmost to keep the fees as competitive as possible. We can do this because our carers are self-employed. This means you pay them for their service direct and only pay the agency a management fee for planning and monitoring your care. This substantially reduces the cost to you as there are no employee expenses or taxes.

Type of care Carer’s pay
(no VAT)
Management Fee
(inc. VAT)
TOTAL Competitor Difference
per week
per month
per year
Single person £780.00 £280.80 £1,060.80 £1,300.00 £239.20 £1,036.53 £12,438.40
Single person
£840.00 £302.40 £1,142.40 £1,300.00 £157.60 £682.93 £8,195.20
Couples £980.00 £352.80 £1,332.80 £1,700.00 £367.20 £1,591.20 £19,094.40

To discuss home care with us, please call 01829 260280 or send us a message.

Who cares? We do… It’s our business to care.

We want to do our utmost to help you remain living as independently as possible in your own home.

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