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Author: Sarah Green

The Sandwich Generation

Until recently, I was in this situation; I had an elderly mother that needed constant care, children and grandchildren making the usual demands and I was working full time. Whilst families always come first, they can create a very hectic lifestyle in this day and
Home care in Autumn and Winter

Autumn colours

Despite the sudden heatwave, we have been lucky to have the sun back again. However, as the nights begin to draw in and the trees bow out for the year with their spectacular colours, one often forgets how beautiful these months can be. Consider this…
Affordable live-in home care

Affordable live in care in your own home

We are all aware of the acute shortage of care in the home and now it is even harder to find the right care home that has the capacity to suit your needs and requirements. Due to our carers being self-employed, our costs are considerably
Acute shortage of community care services - Bunbury Care Agency, blog

An acute shortage of Community Care Services

Caroline Abrahams, Age UK’s charity director recently said, “It’s deeply worrying that many older people are ending up in hospital due to lack of the right sort of services in the community”. She said that no one wants to be in hospital but for older
Self-employed carer rates of pay and earnings - Bunbury Care Agency

Unemployment on the increase!

At the time of writing, it had just been announced that unemployment has risen, for the first time since the end of the pandemic, by 2%. Since then, there are now an additional 50,000 vacancies, more than 4.3% than before Covid. This is a worrying
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