2019 and the future…continued!

2019 and the future…continued!
January 1, 2019 Sarah Green

2019 and the future…continued!

As we are all aware the next few months will be full of considerable uncertainties. Without being political, it would appear that there is a storm brewing and nobody has really any idea of where it will go or land.

For us ordinary members of the public, the same struggles will continue and in some cases will get worse. How can one even prepare? So many important issues appear to be on the back burner and Social Care is one that needs serious addressing.

The BBC ran reports of Social care a few weeks ago, one of which was with Norman Lamb, former Health Minister during the coalition. I remember his proposal well. It seemed it was going to address the needs and ever-increasing cost of care for the elderly and vulnerable people in our society. Well, sadly that did not happen.

He said that the funding of Social Care has dropped by 25% per person over the last eight years. It is an area that is neglected in comparison to the NHS, and this is just not good enough. The public have got used to the knock-on effects: reducing people’s independence, denying them dignity and often resulting in unnecessary admissions to hospital. In turn, this puts extra strain on the NHS and causes bed blocking.

So, Social Care is back to square one!

We still wait endlessly for the green paper on Adult Social Care, whilst more and more people are being horribly let down by the system.

No one would want a member of their family to go through this situation. Norman Lamb believes that all political parties need to work together to come up with a long-term and sustainable solution as soon as possible. He believes that there needs to be a specific system within National Insurance to fund Social Care. This may mean a few pence tax increase but he believes this would get public support.

On the upside, I am trying not to worry about what is to come next year and focus on what I passionately believe in. Everyone deserves the right and opportunity to remain living in their own homes for as long as possible.

If you are lucky enough to have the resources, we are here to help, if not we need to voice our thoughts more loudly, so that the powers that be, can hear.

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I wish everyone all the best for 2019

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