Time to Talk

Time to Talk
December 5, 2013 Sarah Green

Last month I focused on the dilemma of ‘The Sandwich Generation’, i.e. those whose parents are living longer, and whose children have not ‘flown the nest’ quite as quickly as expected!

As families get together for what I hope will be another fabulous festive season, we may notice that some of our more elderly relatives are not managing to live independently as they used to. Maybe they are not managing the house so easily or having difficulty climbing the stairs. Are you worried about them driving safely, and are they eating properly?

We usually look up to our parents for help and guidance, but as they become older it can be awkward to voice our concerns and worries about them. They may be facing differing challenges, such as changing lifestyles, ill health and possibly some financial difficulties. These sensitive issues can prove difficult to talk about from both sides.

The Bunbury Agency has a comprehensive information pack which will help start this conversation. Apart from detailed guidance on the relevant topics, there are useful charts and links to many organisations who can give advice.

If you would like a free copy of a ‘Time to Talk’ booklet or advice on Elderly Care in the Home and Care Fees Solutions please call 01829 260280 or send us a message.

Be prepared and start planning.

Pick the right time to ask the right questions.

Make sure you can manage financially.

Everybody needs somebody.

As always, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

and look forward to doing our utmost to help.

Sarah Green – Director

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