There is no place like home!

There is no place like home!
May 7, 2013 Sarah Green

There’s no place like home

Most of us would like to remain living in our own homes for as long as we can. We know from our experience of over 45 years, that this is definitely possible with the right care and support.

A client of ours sadly died recently. We started looking after her in 2006. She suffered from a terrible disease called Cerebella Ataxia, for which there is no cure. The consequences of this disease meant that she gradually became incapable of moving and was eventually bedridden. Her brain however was always alert and she knew exactly what was going on at all times.

The Eulogy at her funeral, as with most, described her life. She was a vibrant and very intelligent woman. She had a successful career, two happy marriages and a wonderful family. She was a keen Horticulturist, having been encouraged by her mother from a very early age. She opened her gardens to the public and her children and grandchildren played an important part in running the open days, by making cakes and sandwiches and selling plants. She won many awards for this passion.

When I first visited her in 2006, all I saw was a very frustrated woman, hardly able to speak slumped in her motorised chair. She insisted we were to provide care for her husband primarily. She still managed to run her household as long as she had the right care and support and she made it very clear how she wanted things to be in her house.

After her husband passed away, her daughter, who lived in London, wondered whether she should go into a home so she would be nearer. She lasted two weeks and then demanded to return to her beloved Cheshire. From then on, two full time Carers lived in her house on a rota basis, continuously looking after her day and night.

There were so many comments from her friends and family at the funeral about how wonderfully dedicated her Carers were and how amazing it was that she could continue living in her own home for so long.

The Bunbury Agency has been proud to provide this service, and whilst she suffered in a terrible way for such a long time, I know that she and her family were so glad they could honour her wishes and keep her at home until the end.

In memory of Joanna and many of our other clients, who have recently passed away.

As members of SOLLA (the Society of later Life Advisors), information on the funding of Elderly Care in the Home, can now be found on our website.

Campaigning to help people remain living in their own homes

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