The Impact of Loneliness

The Impact of Loneliness
September 30, 2016 Sarah Green

The Impact of Loneliness

In a recent article in the Telegraph, Dame Esther Rantzen raised concerns that caring for vulnerable elderly people does not have the same ‘emotional impact’ on society as that of children. Dame Esther, who set up Silver Line two years ago, said they have recently received their millionth call and now handle up to 1,600 calls a day. The busiest day seems to be Sunday, and this August has been the busiest ever, more than Christmas, when loneliness is usually more acute.

She says “When it comes to helping older people there just doesn’t appear to be the same compassion….and there are people around us who feel almost invisible and inaudible”.  She had a sad letter from a lady in Cornwall who said ‘I’m optimistic by nature, I have to be when I face another pointless day when I’m a waste of space’.

“That’s the impact of loneliness.”

Are our elderly being ignored?

Well it would seem so.  For example, how many times do we stop to say good morning to an older person in the street? I suspect not often, and also most people do not like to ask for help because they are either embarrassed or do not want to be a burden.  So I think we have to step out there and ask the question.

Last month we focused on finding the ‘Time to Talk’ to our families and elderly relatives.  The one question that was not listed was, are you lonely?

Maybe this is the most important one of all as ‘Everybody Needs Somebody’!

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