Schools out for summer

Schools out for summer
August 4, 2016 Sarah Green

Schools out for summer and the kids are coming home!

Yes and hopefully we will have a summer as there will be plenty of holiday plans.  Going abroad, stay vacations and grandchildren catching up with relatives.  I always make my annual resolutions during the summer holidays.  I make a list of the things I have not done in the past 12 months, the things I could better and the things that I am definitely not going to do anymore!

For example, I never give enough time for me.  I race around like a headless chicken trying to accommodate my work and family which is all very demanding.  ‘I need more help,’ I say to myself, ‘but as I don’t time to train someone, I might as well do it myself’!

Wrong! Having just had a lovely week in Mallorca with my oldest friend, we both realised the madness of trying to be all things to all people. After all we are getting older too. If there is an offer of help why do we not accept it?  Why do we not delegate to other members of the family in particular if the older members need care and support.

‘What a hypocrite,’ I think to myself.  There I am passionately telling people about the benefits of using our carers to help to look after their relatives, whilst trying to be the all singing and all dancing mother and daughter.

Here comes ‘The Sandwich Generation’ again!

I have written before about this.  It’s those of us whose parents are living longer than ever before; a good thing. It’s those of us whose children who are not leaving home when expected; not always a good thing!  Well guess what, my daughter has just returned from finishing her degree and as yet has nowhere else to go but home.  I swore this would not happen to me, but here I am supporting and still financing (until she gets a job that is), which has just added to the load.  I am sure there a many people in a similar situation, who have the responsibility for their parent’s welfare, whilst working hard and supporting their own children.

So, rather than getting on my soap box about the benefits of using the Bunbury Care Agency, I appeal to all those experienced Live in and Daily Carers. Come and join us and help those of us who are being stretched to the limit.

Please contact us on 01829 260 280 for full details.

Take the pressure of the ‘The Sandwich Generation’
and make a difference to someone else’s life!

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