• Bunbury Care Agency Open Day 2015

    Carer Recruitment Day 2015

    Last month the Bunbury Care Agency held a very successful recruitment day in Bunbury Village Hall. It was very interesting to hear about the range of experiences of the carers who attended.

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  • Bunbury Care Agency

    Bunbury Care Agency Recruitment Day

    We urgently need more experienced local daily and live in carers, who are able to look after our clients in and between the areas of Tarporley, Nantwich, Malpas, Whitchurch, Tarvin and Chester.

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  • Elderly care agency

    Make a difference: join the Bunbury Care Agency family

    Do you want to make a difference? Bunbury Care Agency has been expanding its daily care services. We urgently need more experienced local carers.

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  • How do you pay for your care and protect your capital?

    This is the final part of Time to Talk. So having had a family discussion about the issues and options, I hope you will agree that the best choice is being able to remain living in your own home.

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  • Home care for the elderly

    Be prepared and start planning

    Last month I highlighted how it is important to make some time to talk when we are concerned about the health and welfare of our loved ones. Once you have braved those “touchy subjects” the next step is to consider the main issues.

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  • Time to talk

    If like me you feel you are a member of the so-called ‘Sandwich Generation’, you may often find yourself feeling not only emotionally but financially responsible for both your adult children and your longer-living parents.

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