LATEST NEWS from the Bunbury Agency

LATEST NEWS from the Bunbury Agency
January 22, 2013 Sarah Green

This is our 45th year of caring for other people!

Established in 1968, we are now one of the oldest domiciliary agencies in the UK. We are delighted to announce that we are now members of the United Kingdom Home Care Association (UKHCA), the largest, most respected and accredited home care association in the country. We feel very privileged to have become a member.

This membership confirms that our elderly care services meet the high standards of the UKHCA and that we abide by their Code of Practice. Membership also entitles us to a huge range of additional services, support and valuable information, which we will pass onto our clients and staff, ensuring that we continue to provide the best and most up to date private home care and assistance available.

Do you need someone to care for an elderly relative, your young family or your home?

We pride ourselves on our traditional methods and very personal approach in the way we provide the following services and positions to our Employers and Staff:

* Carers, Companions – Maintain your independence by staying in the comfort of your own home, giving you and your family peace of mind. (Members of UKHCA).

* Nannies, Mother’s Helps & Maternity Nurses – Nursery, for young children is not always the most practical or cost effective answer. Imagine being able to go to work without the rush and stress of getting your children to nursery and school. Then imagine returning home to find all the work done enabling you to have family time with your children. With a qualified and experienced child carer, no matter how many children you have, the costs remain the same. (Members of the Association of Nanny Agencies – ANA).

* Housekeepers, Couples, Domestics – Trying to do a full time job, keeping your house under control and looking after your children can be a very stressful experience. Why not lighten the load with a little extra help?

* Au Pairs – Would you like an extra pair of hands to help you with your children and housework? This is the most cost effective solution to the demands of modern day life on the family. (Members of the British Au Pair Agencies Association – BAPAA).

Please call us if you would like a free Care Assessment, or advice on any of our other services and we will do our utmost to help you.

Sarah Green