Companion Housekeepers

Companion Housekeepers

A companion housekeeper provides essential company and interaction, and help with duties around the house. Ideal for people who are capable of caring for themselves, but just need some extra help or are lonely. Our companion housekeepers can be relied upon to provide support exactly when you need it and to really make a difference to someone’s life.

Are you finding it hard to look after yourself at home or are you just lonely?

Many elderly and lonely people are quite able to look after themselves, but maybe their quality of life could be improved with the help of a companion or housekeeper.

Personal care may not be needed, but it could be a good idea to have a companion who can also help with all the day to day household duties.

If you wish to remain as independent as you can, but would like a companion or some extra help with day to day household tasks, a Bunbury Care Agency companion housekeeper would be the ideal solution.

Companion housekeeper for the elderly

From the family’s perspective, it can be a huge relief to know that your loved one is not left on their own, especially if you live a distance away.

We take the time to listen carefully to what you need and find the right person to suit that role. We are happy to visit you to discuss your requirements.

Elderly companions

Our companion housekeepers

Many of our companion housekeepers are also carers who work on the ‘Rosy Rota’, so they have knowledge, experience and understanding of looking after elderly people. The only difference is they do not provide personal care, administer medication or perform any moving and handling.

Our companion housekeepers are reliable, experienced and trustworthy and as with all our staff, they are thoroughly vetted by us in line with the UKHCA Code of Practice and have current DBS certification.

We are a home care agency based in Bunbury, Cheshire helping families predominantly across the North West and North Wales, although we are nation-wide.

Bunbury Care Agency is registered with the CQC (Care Quality Commission),  a member of the Homecare Association and an associate member of SOLLA (Society of Later Life Advisers). SOLLA is the only association in the UK that can provide accredited financial consultants who can advise and assist people with the funding of elderly care.

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