ELDERLY CARE – You have a choice!

ELDERLY CARE – You have a choice!
February 12, 2013 Sarah Green

As I listened to the news this week about the changes proposed to the funding of Social Care, it saddened me to see that there is still so little financial support for those who wish to remain living in their own home and yet need some care support. Even with the new caps and thresholds proposed, there will still be a large group of people who will not be able to afford care at home.

We believe, there is an answer.

The Bunbury Agency is pleased to introduce the services of Independent Consultants who specialise in Care Fees Solutions. Through SOLLA (the Society of Later Life Advisors) you will soon have access to advisors throughout the country via our website. After meetings with our local SOLLA consultant, (who incidentally comes from Bunbury!) I was shown very effective ways of covering the cost of elderly care now, and planning for the possible cost in the future, so things are looking up!

So why not consider employing your own Carer or Companion?

All Bunbury Carer Companions are self employed, giving you and your family the freedom to choose how you are cared for, therefore maintaining your independence. We recruit on your behalf ensuring that you have someone who can spend just that little bit of extra time providing personal care, housekeeping, shopping, transport and most importantly, companionship.

We are members of the United Kingdom Home Care Association. All our Carer Companions are recruited in line with their Code of Practice.
Daily Carers charge £10 – £12 per hour. The Agency only charges a one off fee. (3 weeks wages for permanent staff or 25% of total wage for temporary staff).


Due to an increase in demand for our private Daily, Respite and Temporary Carers and Companions, we have placements available for anyone who has experience in elderly care and good housekeeping skills. Online training is now available via our website.


As the government propose to change the ratio of children to Nursery Assistants, have you considered the benefits of having an experienced Nanny or Mother’s Help looking after your children at home, or an Au Pair giving you that extra pair of hands? This can be a less expensive option and certainly a less stressful alternative.

We are accredited members of ANA and BAPAA who set the highest standards for recruiting child care in the home.

Please call us if you would like advice and we will do our utmost to help you.

Sarah Green