Become a Bunbury Carer

Become a Bunbury Carer
April 25, 2016 Sarah Green

Become a Bunbury Carer

Due to an increased demand for our care services, we are now recruiting for more live in carers. We have a reputation of providing caring and kind people who are more than just a carer but also are companions. You often become part of the family, as you return to the same people on a regular basis. We look after a wide range of people, some who require high level care and others who are just lonely or frail. Our experience tells us, that apart from having excellent care skills; it is essential that our carers have the correct empathy with their clients and really want to make a difference to their life.

What is our ‘Rosy Rota’ Care Service?

Live in carers needed - Bunbury Care AgencyFor many years we have operated our unique rota system providing 3 – 4 carers who live with our clients on a regular basis.  You could have 2 – 3 clients with different needs and requirements to look after for 7 – 14 days at a time.  Our formula means that carers can plan their life around their work and family. As a self employed carer, you can choose when you are available for work and who you look after. You are paid directly by your client at the end of your booking along with a travel allowance.  For our part, we try to schedule your bookings so that you visit the same person, hopefully, every month ensuring continuity for our clients.

What are the benefits of being a self-employed carer?

Being self-employed can be financially beneficial, as you will have various running costs which can be deducted from your income, as tax is only payable after deducting your personal tax allowance and these allowable expenses.

  • vehicle & transport
  • phone, mobile & internet bills
  • postage, stationery
  • office equipment i.e. computers & printers
  • trade or professional journals
  • uniforms & protective clothing

What our carers say…

“It took me a while to have the confidence to give up my permanent job, but I am glad I did. I now work to suit my lifestyle, and enjoy looking after the clients Bunbury provide me with. I would highly recommend anyone who passionately believes that elderly people should remain living in their own homes, to register with Bunbury. They treat their carers as they treat their clients with kindness, understanding and compassion.”

The process is not difficult and we can help you set up with the revenue.  All you need to do is keep a record of all income and relevant expenditure.

To discuss working with Bunbury Care Agency, please call us on 01829 260280 or email

Campaigning to help people remain living in their own homes

We are a home care agency based in Bunbury, Cheshire helping families predominantly across the North West and North Wales, although we are nation-wide.

Bunbury Care Agency is a member of the UKHCA (United Kingdom Home Care Association) and an associate member of SOLLA (Society of Later Life Advisers). SOLLA is the only association in the UK that can provide accredited financial consultants who can advise and assist people with the funding of elderly care.

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